Character Voices: How to make them work


As the voice of Barney, I have been on quite a few of talk shows. Everything from morning talk shows to Regis and Kelly. Fox News, Today Show, Sprout. A lot. How do I handle these interviews? Simple. Immerse yourself in the world of the character. Think like the character. I have been asked about the Iraq war, the economy, what team I think is going to win the world series, and even how I "see" in there (referring to being in a costume). The key is to just answer like you would if you were the character. Barney doesn't know about any of those things. Instead, he would tell you how he loves all of his friends in those countries, or how much he loves all sports. Think like Buddy in Elf. The rest of the world fits into your perception of it. Just answer as if you are the character and it all makes sense. My answer to the last question about how I see? "With my eyes!" (Barney chuckle)  

VoiceoverDean Wendt