Voicezam: The perfect way to showcase your voice demos!


I hate making demos! There, I said it. It is something I really dread, because I never know what cut to choose out of the thousands I have on my hard drive. And once I do find the ones I want, where do I put them in the mix? Most agents, clients or whoever else listens to demos, only hear the first few. But you have so many good ones! What is a voiceover artist to do? Enter Bob Merkel and Voicezam. It is a revolutionary way to listen to demos. It is more than a player, it is a portal for the listener. You don't have to put a demo together, just load your best commercials and the player will handle them. A client only has to click on a title and it plays. Play one and the rest will follow. It is a little hard to understand, being that we are so used to demos the way they are, but take a look at his website and you'll see what I mean. Go to www.voicezam.com. And tell him Dean sent you! Thank you Voicezam! My demos have never sounded so good!