What type of delivery system should I use for my voiceovers? Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc.


Dropbox, Box.net, YouSendIt, WeTransfer, DropSend, SendSpace, BigAssFiles.com…We have seen them all when receiving audio files.  Some of them aren’t half bad (WeTransfer comes to mind) and some of them are absolute horrible messes with download screens covered in ads or deliberately misleading links to malware.  All of them are a bit of a pain (especially when you have to sign up for an account to get your goodies) and seem a bit unprofessional to use.Some talent have their own built in methods on their websites for delivering audio (have me send you a file one day, it’s pretty cool), but most require a username and password and can be confusing for the client and a pain for talent to set up.This method is simpler, quicker, prettier and says to the world, “Hey, I got this covered without the use of third party apps or services.”  You will need your own website (you do have one, right?), and ftp access to same (you do have that, right?) to continue.  I’ll make this simple for the voiceover actors reading:Step 1: Zip up your audio.  This is essential as not only does it make the file smaller, it might cause your link to just autoplay the audio in you recipients browser if you don’t.Step 2: Create a blank subfolder under your site’s main domain called “Delivery” or something similar.Step 3: In your ftp client drag over any zipped files you want to send out into the Delivery folder.Now just send your client an email like this:

Dearest Client,

Your audio is now available for download here:http://mywebsite.com/Delivery/FileName.zip

Hugs and kisses,
VO Talent

That’s it.  When they click on the link in the email they will automatically get a download prompt to save locally:Note that you can have multiple files in the same zip file to deliver all at once.  Also note that your recipient does not need ftp access on their end. All they need to do is click the link in your email.